History Homework

History  Homework

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  • The wars
  • The Battle of Marathon 
  • Concluding Remarks and Beginning of Olympic Marathon Races
  • finish
  • 10,000 Athenians marched to meet 80,000 Persians
  • The Spartan soldier state
  • Phidippides was again called upon to run to Athens (26 miles away) to carry the news of the victory and the warning about the approaching Persian ships. Athens in perhaps 3 hours, deliverd his message and then died shortly thereafter from exhaustion.
  • Centuries later, the modern Olympic Games introduced a "marathon" race of 40,000 meters or 24.85 miles .The winner was Spiridon Louis. His time was 2 h 58 minutes, 50 seconds for the 40 kilometer distance average pace of 7:11 minutes per mile
  • Fighting wars was what the Spartans did best. Greeks said that in battle one Spartan was worth several other men. Boys left their families at seven to begin their 23-year-long training to become a soldier. Only those who went through this gruelling training system were considered true Spartan citizens.A boy was only allowed one tunic and had to walk barefoot, even in cold weather. They weren’t given lots food either, so they had to steal.
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