Animal Farm Chapter 5
Updated: 11/25/2019
Animal Farm Chapter 5

Storyboard Text

  • Clover is suspicious of Mollie's relationship with the nearby farmer. Mollie weakly denies her connection and leaves the farm 3 days later. No one speaks of her ever again.
  • Snowball and Napoleon always seem to be disagreeing with each other, and if one of them suggested one thing the other was bound to suggest the opposite.
  • One of their biggest conflicts was over the windmill. Snowball suggested building a windmill to make the animals' lives easier and starts making sketches and plans.
  • Snowball finishes his plans and the animals gather to vote for or against the windmill. Napoleon advises not to vote for the windmill with a short speech but Snowball delivers a passionate speech about the windmill.
  • It is clear who the animals will vote for, but Napoleon lets out a high-pitched whistle, summons his dogs, and chases Snowball out of Animal Farm. Snowball escapes just in time.
  • Napoleon goes back in the barn surrounded by his dogs, and announces that all the Sunday morning meetings would be abolished, and only a special committee of pigs would be allowed to make decisions from now on.