Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Description

Two best friends got into a fight, but it was all just an understanding. They talk about what happened and explained that it was a misunderstanding and apologised.

Storyboard Text

  • Afternoon, after first day of school
  • Soo, how do you like our class Sophie?
  • I'm so glad we are together in the same class:)
  • 1 week into school
  • OMG i can't believe that Sophie has grown soo tall, she is gorgeous
  • IKR soo pretty, like you Izzy
  • Next day
  • I can't believe you talked about me behind my back, thats soo rude
  • I never said anything
  • Excuse me yes you did Izzy
  • Same day
  • Exactly, we are no longer friends
  • FINE, be like that
  • 1 and a half weeks after
  • Oh, I am so sorry
  • Hey Sophie, I miss you. Is was all just a miss understanding, Zoe and I were talking about how pretty you were not how ugly, I promise.
  • Same day
  • Besties Forever