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The grinch
Updated: 11/20/2017
The grinch
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  • Do you want to go hiking? My friend recommended a trail she liked.
  • Sure! That sounds like fun.
  • I hope you have a fun hike! Be careful of the Grinch.
  • This hike is going to be great!
  • Oh yea, I forgot about him! Winter is coming, I hope he doesn't come out.
  • Be careful! The Grinch is out to get you. He could be anywhere around here.
  • HUH...... very funny
  • I don't know but, it is getting late. We should definitely start walking back.
  • Did you hear that! 
  • Uhh.... do you remember which way we came from?
  • One day, two girls could not decide what to do. Every time one of them mentioned something, the other would shake their head vigorously. Until, they finally agreed on hiking.
  • AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  • They made sure to stop by the store and pick up supplies they would need. While they were at the counter, the cashier reminded them about the Grinch. They didn't think much of it because they believed it was just an old legend.
  • Hurry! Get in!
  • They would joke around a few times but, what they didn't know is that the Grinch had followed them up the mountain. They began to worry because they seemed to be lost. They started to hear noises that startled them but, they never realized they were coming from the monster following them.
  • I'm so glad we made it home safely.
  • The Grinch snuck up behind them and jumped at them with a  ginormous growl. They were frightened and began to run all the way down the mountain as the Grinch chased them.
  • They jumped as fast as they could into their car. Barely getting away from the Grinch. As they drove away, the Grinch couldn't keep up. They got away and drove home to safety.
  • When they got home, they tried to catch their breath. It was a scary experience but, they stayed calm. They decided it was best to never return to the mountain and warn people about the mysterious monster, they call the Grinch.
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