Updated: 1/27/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Bud
  • Hey party people I'm here!
  • Are you sure you can defeat Grendel?
  • Of course! Duh, I am a great warrior.
  • *Beowulf is getting ready to fight Grendel by taking off his armor and weapons. Unferth enters.*
  • Hey Beowulf I heard you lost a week long swimming contest!
  • Its true...
  • But I did fight 9 monsters during that race!
  • *Beowulf is fighting 9 monsters to protect the other opponents. Loses the race due to saving their lives.*
  • *Beowulf fights Grendel. After several blows to each opponent, Beowulf disarms Grendel!*
  • Here have some money. Thank you!
  • Boom! Killed him!