Aurora 2
Updated: 4/14/2020
Aurora 2

Storyboard Text

  • No, I'm sorry. Now, you are taller than me, so I don't have more clothes for you.
  • Ohh... my sweater is getting too small. Sister, do you have more clothes for me?
  • I need new clothes, but I am too far away from the city. How will I solve this?
  • ECO SWITCHSwitch clothes for an eco world
  • Yes! I found the perfect solution for my problem. Let's try it!
  • I have already ordered some clothes. That´s amazing, I also can follow other users that I like.
  • Tomás Andrade
  • Follow
  • Eco Switch
  • Thank you for the delivery!
  • The clothes that I switched have arrived. All of them are beautiful. This app made my life easier.