Sociological Imagination
Updated: 11/26/2020
Sociological Imagination

Storyboard Text

  • Sarah: OVER THERE!!
  • Sarah: OMG! Mark, There are TERRORIST!!
  • Mark: Mmm.. Where?
  • The affect of Culture on individuals sociological imagination
  • Really, what made you think they are terrorist?
  • Umm.. Aren't they suppose to be.. right?
  • We overheard! Sorry, if we have offended you with our outfits..
  • I am really sorry! I got this attitude from the media and environment that I'm surrounded with. I will learn better about other cultural universals.
  • You need to learn and understand that manners such as: norms and values differ from culture to culture.
  • Sarah, they are right you must be a relativist rather than an ethnocentric person.
  • Right! You need to improve your intercultural communication.
  • Sarah failed to use her sociological imagination, and stereotyped the covered ladies as terrorist.
  • Sarah did not look past her personal view, instead she instantly judged the covered ladies, which many may experience a culture shock because they witness different traditions from their own culture.
  • According to a functionalist, ethnocentrism serves to maintain a sense of solidarity because they view all other cultures as deviations from the norm. However, different social context give rise to different norms and values and places a priority on understanding foreigners.
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