English Story: Carla Díaz Fernández

Updated: 11/15/2020
English Story: Carla Díaz Fernández

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  • Well, this house is kinda strange but it could be worse... and I need the money to save it and then, pay my studies in the city.
  • Welcome Isabella, I'm Mr. William.I hope you had a good journey... follow me, I will show you your room.
  • Hello Mr. William, it's a pleasure to meet you.
  • Oh! Sorry for enter here without warning, but I want to introduce myself as soon as posible.So, Hi, my name is Harry and I also work here as a caregiven.
  • Okey, that's fine, don't worry.I'm Isabella, nice to meet you.
  • It was 1878 when a young lady called Isabella decided to start working as a caregiven and housekeeper for an elderly woman in an old house on the outskirts of the town.
  • Good morning, I guess you already know your work here: you have to cook, clean, tidy all the house... and the most important thing, you must take care about Mrs. Madam Crowls, she is a really old woman and needs people to help her constantly.
  • Isabella entered the house and there was Mr. William, who was waiting for her.
  • Do you know why Mrs. Madam Crowls live in this house alone, I mean, with no one of her family?
  • It's a long story and nobody likes to talk about it, but briefly, Mrs. Madam Crowls had a nice family until one day, her husband died suddenly, and shortly after, her son, who had a glass eye disappeared and they only found his hat near the lake.
  • Isabella came to her bedroom and she left all her thigs when suddenly a handsome young man entered.
  • By the way, when you're talking to Mrs. Madam Growls never say nothing about her son's eye cristal, she will be so angry with you.
  • Everyone who saw his son were very afraid because of his glass eye... well, that wasn't a normal glass eye.It was a light blue eye, but not a clear blue, it was cloudy and scary.
  • The next morning, Mr. William called Isabella and Harry to come to the living room and tell them about the house rules.
  • One normal day in their lives, Isabella and Harry were having lunch and talking to getting on well, when Isabella ask him about Mrs. Madam Crowls.
  • In addition this was the first time that Isabella was going to visit and meet Mrs. Madam Growls and his friend Harry give her some advice.