1st part chapter 4
Updated: 11/8/2020
1st part chapter 4

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  • At the top of the hill near his house he had already bult
  • I have seen a ship in the western part of the island, perhaps the savages often come from there and God has guided me to the opposite side. Nevertheless I've protected my house.
  • Down the hill..
  • The savages have made their inhuman banquet eating each other, what a horror I am going to vomit! Lucklily I was not born like them!
  • If I don't do anything to them and I don't show myself to them, they won't do anything to me, the solution is to stay close to home and thus be discreet.
  • After 2 years staying close to home, I will go back to tour the island but with more care
  • Likewise, the best way to get rid of them and their inhumane acts is by killing them. There are many ways to do it, when they don't realize it ... with my sword ...
  • After having thought about it, I think it is unfair. It is true that savages have inhuman acts but they do not harm me, it is a sin to kill them all and moreover, if I kill them, the survivors would come after me.
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