2nd part chapter 4
Updated: 11/9/2020
2nd part chapter 4

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  • Decemeber of the twenty-third year.
  • OMG! and they carry canoes with them, they have returned!
  • Next morning...
  • After this I am thinking again about the plan I had to kill everyone! how inhuman this is! they are murderers!
  • After all, reading the Bible inside his house.
  • I'm going to leave my house, maybe it's a ship firing its weapons to ask for help, so I can't save them, but Ican ask them for help.
  • Surely they heard me because they are shooting.
  • Thank goodness I have been saved and I have not sunk with them. But I wish someone had been saved and thus have someone to talk to.
  • One morning I go out and find a prisoner fleeing from savages, he asks me for help and I help him. Thanks to this he becomes my servant.
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