Chapter 5 Of Mice and Men
Updated: 1/15/2020
Chapter 5 Of Mice and Men
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  • Lennie is all alone in the barn, his pup' just give his last breath.
  • Lennie is all alone in the barn. His pup' just gave his last breath thanks to Lennie's strength..
  • Why did you have to die too? You aren't a mouse.. George ain't gonna let me tend no rabbits if he finds out you got killed..
  • Curley's wife arrives, looking for company as usual. Lennie just got rid of the dog.
  • I'm bored as hell! I know something happened with Curley's hand.
  • You know, all I want is talking to someone, to matter to someone.. I'll tell you my story..
  • George won't let me tend the rabbits..
  • Go away, you'll break my curls, you stupid nuts! Something is really wrong with you!!
  • Curley's wife told him about her story, and they end up by Lennie touching her hair, but he gets out of control, and he eventually breaks her neck.
  • Shut up! Otherwise George won't let me tend the rabbits! I made so many mistakes..
  • Curley's wife is dead. Lennie put some hay on her to cover her.
  • (HAY)
  • I have to go and hide in the brush until George gets me, I hope he will let me tend the rabbits.
  • Lennie left this place full of problems and thinks George is gonna get him back. Candy and George arrived the first and just saw Curley's wife.
  • It has to be him, who could do it except him? Oh my god I have to find him before Curley kills him. 
  • Maybe these bastards could lock him up you know? He didn't want any of this.
  • George made a deal with Candy, he left the barn before Candy so they wouldn't think he did it with Lennie. Everybody is aware of what happened now, in the barn, and Curley wants Lennie's death above all.
  • Oh my god, George.. What happened? Do you think Lennie did this? Would he be able to?
  • I promise to god I will kill this bastard, he deserves to be lynched!
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