Ryan McKinnon

Updated: 10/28/2020
Ryan McKinnon

Storyboard Text

  • why should i take my med
  • Some kids with ADHD need to take meds to help them do all the things they need to do.
  • Will anything bad happen when I take it?
  • When the right amount is taken at the right time it is meant to help you?
  • What does it help me do?
  • It helps you to pay attention and remember things without getting distracted
  • What happens if I don't take it?
  • Learning in class can be harder. You can make choices that can hurt those around you.
  • Lets keep track so we can let the doctor know. They may need to make adjustments.
  • What if it is making me feel slow?
  • to have 2x 35g chocs a day
  • What reward would you choose it you took your meds everyday?