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Pyramus and Thisbe
Updated: 3/26/2018
Pyramus and Thisbe
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  • AHHH!
  • Pyramus and Thisbe grew up as neighbors and were madly in love. However, their parents forbade their relationship.
  • One day Thisbe got mad at her mom and banged her head on the wall out of anger. A crack was made, and conveniently Thisbe and Pyramus were able to communicate through it. Here they planned to sneak off and meet at the white mulberry tree.
  • Thisbe arrived at the tree first and saw a nearby cat eating berries. Thisbe is highly allergic to cats so she frantically ran away. As she ran, her veil fell off and the cat picked it up staining the cloth red.
  • Soon, Pyramus arrived to the tree and found the red stained veil and animal footprints. Pyramus was convinced Thisbe had been killed and it was all his fault.
  • Out of painful guilt, Pyramus drew his sword and thrusted it towards his chest. However, Pyramus was still live and well because the blade of his sword fell right off as soon as it made contact with his body. 
  • Eventually, Thisbe got over her fear and came out of hiding to find her lover. She came across Pyramus who was shocked to see her. Then, they joined their lips together in a kiss and lived happily ever after.
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