Niobe Story
Updated: 1/29/2021
Niobe Story

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  • Once, there was a couple, one named Amphion and the other named Niobe, who had 14 children - 7 girls and 7 boys.
  • The twins, Apollo and Artemis, did not like seeing their mother so upset, so they had a plan to get rid of Niobe's children.
  • Meanwhile, two gods named Zeus and Leto had twins names Apollo and Artemis.
  • Artemis killed all 7 of the girls, and Apollo killed all 7 of the boys.
  • Amphion and Niobe found all of their children dead and were very sad.
  • Niobe bragged to Leto about her many children which upset Leto.
  • Haha, Loser!
  • Awww.
  • We have to kill them.
  • Hehe.
  • Noooo.