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Cartoon Animation: Alien
Updated: 3/22/2020
Cartoon Animation: Alien
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Storyboard Description

The first frame shows somewhat of a long shot of an alien in his spaceship planning to destroy earth. With the use of 4 T's torso. The second frame explains the reactions of students at school when they look up to see the alien far above them. This composes of my shot styles, the boy in the back is a long shot, the other three characters have reaction shots, and the girl to the right has a close shot style. The boy in the back uses 4 T's toes. The girl to the left suggest 4 T's tummy, the boy sitting crying is also 4 T's torso, and the girl to the right is 4 T's Tonsils. The third and final frame is the alien after exploding the earth (comedy skit), 4 T's torso long shot style. Composition is mainly eye level for the most part, except the teen student crying can be seen as high angle.
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