Prince Henry the Navigator
Updated: 1/22/2020
Prince Henry the Navigator
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  • Prince Henry the Navigator
  • Who was he?
  • Who was he?
  • By: Carlos Rangel
  • GRAPES:Religion
  • Born on 1394 in Porto Portugal. Early on he was trained to be a good soldier and salesman and when he captured the Muslim city of Ceuta,it proved that he was a good one.When they captured that city it ended up giving Portugal control over shipping in the Mediterranian.
  • GRAPES:Economy
  • While he was called the Navigator he actually did not go on many voyages and instead organized the.Henry organized 14 voyages and learned trade routes to Africa.
  • Was his impact positive or negative?
  • When Henry was trying to take over the muslim city it was because he was trying to get rid of the muslims and trying to spread christianity because he was a "devout christian".
  • Since Henry didn't really go on voyages and organized them he had to use money,and he organized 14 of them so later on when he eventually died,he owed a lot of money and it ended up taking Portugal 60 years to pay off his debts.
  • While Henry didn't do much to see him as a negative person he did leave a ton of debt to Portugal so they could spend 60 years paying it off and before that he drive out a whole city of Muslims just because he was christian and didn't like them or their ethnic.
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