Oliver murder
Updated: 3/11/2020
Oliver murder

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  • Ok, have a great time, love you too.
  • Bye mum, I’m going to have dinner with Anne, I’m not going to come late, I love you.
  • Hi darling, how has been your day?
  • Fine, but I haven’t got much work at the shop.
  • Good morning, you have to revise these articles and correct their mistakes.
  • Hi, good morning, what’s the work for today?
  • We were here, at home, we didn’t know anything until they called us.
  • Well, Danna and Lewis, you are his parents right?
  • No, he wasn’t. He told me he was going to the office work were he used to work, because he had to finish some work that his boss gave him.
  • Was Oliver coming here the day of the murder?
  • Hi, I’m Cleo, Oliver’ sister. I work in this office too. And I found something that may help you.
  • Oh my good, so you have lied to us, and you have the fault, come with us.