The Black Cat
Updated: 2/16/2020
The Black Cat
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  • Once there was a happy married man. They both loved animals and, in fact, their house was full of animals but their cat, called Pluto, was the man´s favourite one. He forbade her wife to take care of Pluto.
  • He became a heavy drinker and alcohol made him angry and violent. He started hitting her wife and he was cruel to his animals, except to Pluto.
  • One night he arrived late and drunk. He felt burning hate and he tried to shook the cat, but it bit his hand, so he took a knife from his poket to cut one of Pluto´s eyes.
  • That night they had a fire in their house. People shouted them "FIRE! FIRE!" and the man and his wife ran out as fast as they could. Luckily they could scape, but their house was destroyed.
  • FIRE!!
  • After the fire only a wall was still standing. It was a room wall in which was a silhouette of a cat with a rope around its neck.
  • One night the man was drinking in his favorite bar when he noticed a cat which seem to be Pluto but it wasn't, it just looked like it. That cat seemed friendly towards him, so he took it home.
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