Why the APTA standards are important
Updated: 2/9/2020
Why the APTA standards are important
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  • What is the big deal about all of the APTA standards that you have to follow?
  • Well, the standard help in making sure that every patients receives the best care possible!
  • So, I guess respecting the rights, of all individuals, and being trustworthy and compassionate fall into that category?
  • Yes, it is very important that as a PTA we respect every patient no matter how they look, act or what they believe in. This allows the patients to feel comfortable.
  • Well why is it so important that you collaborate with the Physical Therapist?
  • And why do you have to participate in life long learning?
  • Communication is one one the most important important things between the PT and PTA. If there is no communication it can put patients in danger. PT's and PTA's need to be able to collaborate to insure that their facility is running as smooth and efficient as possible.
  • Every year there are new discoveries being made, it is important that as a PTA you keep up to date with those discoveries in order to provide the best care. Technology and ways to treat patients are continually changing and you have to be able to keep up.
  • As a PTA, why aren't you allowed to have romantic relationships with coworkers or patients?
  • Does that go along with fulfilling legal and ethical obligations?
  • Because if a PTA were to get involved with one of their patients or coworkers, I could cause a lot of problems, such as special treatment.For example, if a PTA were to get involved with one of their patients, they might start to neglect the other patients or have their judgement clouded when it comes to making important decisions.
  • Yes, if a PTA wants to avoid a lawsuit it is imperative they fulfill those obligations.
  • Okay, I have two more questions. First, why is it important that a PTA supports organizational behaviors and business practices.
  • Ask second, why do PTA's have to participate in efforts to meet the health needs of people locally nationally and globally?
  • Well first,
  • And second,
  • Thank you so much for all of your help today
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