The lonely Princess
Updated: 1/14/2021
The lonely Princess

Storyboard Text

  • who feels alone because she had no one to talk and to share her emotions with...
  • Once upon a time.....there was a princess who lived in the moon...
  • She always cries and was so bored and she wants to find someone to come along with..
  • But.... one day, there was a big explosion in Venus which sent it someone to the moon unexpectedly
  • He was a venusian angel called dragonfly....
  • Dragonfly protected Venus from evil aliens who sometimes reaches venus land to find valuable metals that were found only in venus.
  • My name is dragonfly and I am alone right now dear lady my planet was destroyed by aliens and I don't have where to live.
  • Hello dear stranger, what is your name? how did you get here? will you stay here please say something!
  • and this story ends with a happy princess and an angel who came into her life to accompany her in her life.