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21 Chump Street
Updated: 10/15/2020
21 Chump Street
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  • An undercover cop by the name of Naomi Rodriguez arrives at a high school in Florida. Justin, a straight A student, falls in love with her.
  • Naomi, aimed with getting harmful drugs out of the hands of kids, asks Justin if he knows where to find drugs. Justin doesn't, but he knows people who do, and he's willing to do anything for Naomi.
  • Justin is able to get weed through his cousin's connections. He gets the weed to Naomi. This is a felony, and doing it on school grounds makes it worse.
  • Justin is arrested, spends a week in jail, and doesn't go to trail. He takes a plea deal. Three years of probation- and a felony on his record. He won't be able to go to college. This is an example of the procedural justice system,.
  • Naomi believes that Justin's story is just part of her work. To her, the process was just. He sold the drugs, so he should get the punishment. This is distributive justice. Everyone who was involved in the crime should get the same treatment. She does this work because of her past, and to Naomi, getting drugs out of the hands of teens is the end goal- no matter the consequences.
  • To Justin, it was much more than a case. This choice he made for a girl he had a crush on had a huge impact on his life. Justin now has a felony on his record,which makes it harder to get an education or get a job. Without this assignment, Justin would have been fine. Cases like this are not just, and not the best use of our justice system.
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