The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
Updated: 9/27/2020
The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Storyboard Text

  • June 28th, 1918. Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. A little ways away from Sarajevo City Hall. A Serbian Nationalist by the name of Nedeljko Čabrinović throws a grenade at the Austria-Hungarian heir apparent, Franz Ferdinand. The grenade bounces off of his vehicle and hits the car behind Ferdinand, and as a result, the heir's travel route is altered. Ferdinand's bodygaurd, Count Franz von Harrach, demanded that the Archduke be taken from the situation immediately.
  • Driver! These hooligans just threw a grenade in the direction of my pregnant wife--STEP ON IT!
  • Darling! I'm scared; let's just get out of here before one of us gets hurt.
  • GO!
  • Meanwhile..
  • A group of six of the nationalists were unfazed by their unsuccessful attempt. They were each heavily armed and had a plan.
  • For Serbia.
  • The Archduke's car proceeded through the town, although the route had been changed. As they drove through the city, they passed one of the Serbian Nationalists; Gavrilo Princip. As their vehicle slowed to accommodate a turn, the unthinkable happened:
  • Now is my chance...
  • We're safe now. Let's just continue as planned, with a slight detour.
  • Two shots were fired. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot in the neck and his wife, Archduchess Sophie, was shot in the abdomen.
  • Sophie!
  • The Count Franz de Harrach and the driver attempted to aid the royals, but their injuries were severe and they died before they could reach the hospital. Serbian officers briefly pursued the shooter, Princip, before detaining him for his crime.
  • They're gone..whatever shall we do?
  • After the Archduke and Archduchess had died, Austro-Hungary was thrown into as state of both mourning and anger at Serbia on behalf of their nationalist's actions. As a result, Austro-Hungary blamed the Serbian government, and before long both Austro-Hungary and Germany declared war on Serbia. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife set off a chain reaction that eventually dragged all of Europe's various alliances into what would become the first World War.
  • I'm so sorry I couldn't save you, your Highnesses..
  • Damn Serbians! They'll pay for this...