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Updated: 5/14/2020
U.S History Story Board

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  •  In the April of 1861, the first shots of the Civil War were fired by the confederacy at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. This signified the start of the Civil War.
  • On July 21, 1861, the Battle of Bull Run occurred in Manassas Junction, Virginia. This was the first major battle of the Civil War resulting in a confederacy victory. The loss made the North realize in order to win the war they would need a larger and well trained army.
  • The morning of April 6, 1862, General Albert Sidney of the confederacy led 40,000 soldiers to attack Union soldiers near the Tennessee River. The battle resulted in a Union win but the battle at Shiloh was nicknamed the "Bloody Pond due to its mass amount of casualties.
  • On September 17 1862, General McClellan of the Union, ended General Lee's invasion of the north at the battle of Antietam. This battle lasted 12 hours and was the bloodiest single day of was in American history. This battle resulted in a crucial victory for the Union.
  • The Union General Ulysses S. Grant was able to capture the city of Vicksburg , Mississippi during the Siege of Vicksburg. The Confederate army was cut into two, especially on the Mississippi River.
  • The Battle of Gettysburg was the first major victory for the Union. It occurred from July 1-3, 1863. General Robert Lee of the Confederacy was defeated by the Union. As a result, the Confederacy lost its foreign allies in Britain and France. This signaled a turning point in the war.
  • Battle of Gettysburg