holes project
Updated: 2/26/2021
holes project

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • i m not guilty
  • rising action
  • Hello
  • This is stanley
  • rising action
  • Oh ok
  • You should give me everything you find i have been here longest
  • We meet stanley who is being accused of stealing a famous players shoes from a homeless shelter people think he is guilty so he is sent to a camp where you have to dig in the hot sun all day.
  • rising action
  • I am not digging another hole
  • You are only good for digging holes
  • When he goes to this camp which is called camp green lake he meets Zero, Z-ray, Armpit, Zigzag, Magnet, squid, and Mr. Pendanski, although Mr.pendanski seems to be the only nice one.
  • climax
  • Hello
  • After digging his first few holes he finds a fossil but no one seems to care but X-ray, he makes a deal with X-ray to give him everything he finds he ends up finding a gold tube and gives it to X-ray to show the warde and X-ray gets a day off.
  • Falling action/Resolution
  • Hi i am stanley's lawyer
  • When stanley learns Zero does not know how to read he starts to help and they develope a good friend ship but the other kids dont like that and end up getting into a fight Mr.Pendanski breaks it up and tells Zero that he can only dig holes Zero ends up running away a few days later stanley goes after him.
  • When stanley finds Zero they walk up a large mountain that looks like a thumb at the top they find water and onions and thats how they survive but stanley gets curios about the gold tube he found so zero and him go back to camp green lake in the night to dig in that area and they find a suitcase but the warden catches them.
  • Stanley's lawyer comes to take him back to his house but stanley said he would not go without Zero but since they did not have zeros papers zero got to go home with stanley .