jhon batis
Updated: 8/14/2020
jhon batis

Storyboard Text

  • John
  • John the baptist
  • I baptise you in the name of god
  • Johns not the messiah
  • Are you the Messiah?
  • I baptise you but there is greater than me that will come
  • John live in the wild to live a simple life living off the land he did this because he thought he only need him and god to be happy
  • Jesus has come
  • Can you baptise me
  • I couldn't baptise the you the lord ?
  • John baptised people to help them grow close to god baptise work by showing your love to god the water cleans your original sin away
  • Jesus explanation
  • I need to be an example to show it's imported
  • People mistake John for the Messiah but he justed baptise people for the Messiah
  • Jesus gets baptised
  • he is my son I love him and please
  • Jesus comes and wants John to baptise him
  • Jesus explains that he needs to be baptised so others will to
  • god voice rains from above when jesus is baptised