Night chapter 7
Updated: 1/24/2020
Night chapter 7
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  • Pressed tightly against one another, in an effort to resist the cold, our heads empty and heavy, our brains a whirlwind of decaying memories. Our minds numb with indifference. Here or elsewhere, what did it matter? p. 98
  • In the early dawn light, i tried to distinguish between the living and those who were no more. p. 98 The living were glad. they would have more room. the volunteers undressed him and eagerly shared his garments. p. 99
  • One day when we had come to a stop, a worker took a piece of bread out of his bag and threw it into a wagon. There was a stampede. Dozens of starving men fought desperately over a few crumbs. The worker watched the stampede with great interest. p.100
  • Everyone is starting to slowly accept the fact that they might never get to see their family again and that they will end up dying in the camp. I find it sad that they just gave up on trying to live and a ready to die.
  • his son searched him, took the crust of bread and began to devour it. he didn't get far. two men had been watching him. when they withdrew, there were two dead bodies next to me, the father and son. p.102
  • At that point in their travels, the other people could care less where the extra clothes came from or how there came to be more room in the train car, they just cared about living for as long as they possibly could.
  • on the third night of our journey, i woke up with a start when i felt two hands on my throat, trying to strangle me. i barely had time to all out: father! just that one word. i was suffocating. p. 102
  • they are starving to the point where they are willing to fight over a small piece of bread that wont even satisfy them.
  • that same night, we reached our destination. Meir Katz remained on the train. the last day had been the most lethal. we had been a hundred or so in this wagon. twelve of us left it. among them, my father and myself. p.103
  • the people are willing to kill other people to get the food they need to survive through the night.
  • The guys suffocating Elie probably wanted to kill him to get his clothes to keep himself warm.
  • this shows that barely anyone had survived the harsh conditions they were left in and how their lives we just wasted.
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