Book Burning

Updated: 5/13/2020
Book Burning

Storyboard Text

  • "People lined the streets as the youth of Germany marched towards the town hall and the square. On quite a few occasions Liesel forgot about her mother and any other problem of which she currently held ownership. There was a swell in her chest as people clapped them on."
  • "Her starving mother, her missing father. Kommunisten."- Liesel's realisation that HItler is the reason she lost her parents.
  • "'I hate the Führer', she said. 'I hate him.'""'Don't ever say that!' His voice was quiet, but sharp."- Liesel's conversation with Hans once she realised the Führer was to blame for taking her mother away.
  • "The heat was still strong enough to warm her when she stood at the foot of the ash heap. When she reached in, her hand was bitten, but on the second attempt, she made sure she was fast enough. She latched onto the closest of the books. It was blue and burnt at the edges, but otherwise unhurt."
  • "..she could fell something else. Or more to the point, someone else. There was no mistake the watched feeling. It was all over her, and it was confirmed when she dared to face the shadows over at the town hall.""The shadow's hands were in its coat pockets. It had fluffy hair. If it had a face the expression on it would have been one of injury."- Liesel's realisation that someone watched her steal the book