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plot and setting practice
Updated: 9/16/2020
plot and setting practice
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  • The story starts off by telling us that the character is someone who has been working on a project for a while now and has a wife named Clair. He hasn't been going out with her though in order to finish his project. Clair leaves to watch a movie and he is left alone.
  • The conflict is when the piece of yellow paper that has all of the information he had gathered for 2 months.
  • The rising action is when Tom thinks it's a great idea to go and get the paper just by facing the other way and never looking down because it is an eleven story drop.
  • The climax of the story would be when he decided to go out to his eleven-story window and walk along the sides just to reach the yellow piece of paper but he was struggling and almost fell.
  • I would say that the falling action is when he was thinking about how long it was going to take Clair to come back and when he grabbed the match and split it into 2. Then he started to burn paper so he could be warm and to see if people would notice that he was up there.
  • In the end Tom Benecke ended up breaking the window and getting inside his apartment. Although he did do all that work for nothing because the yellow paper still ended up flying away.
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