VR & AR Learning with Cat and Leo Part Two
Updated: 2/19/2021
VR & AR Learning with Cat and Leo Part Two

Storyboard Description

As the school day comes towards the end, Cat and Leo show active participation in class, interact with their peers at lunch discussing the importance of VR and AR learning, and finish the school day doing math lessons in VR.

Storyboard Text

  • Would anyone like to answer the question on the importance of VR and AR learning?
  • Yes Sir, VR and AR learning has greatly allowed us to learn through technology spaces. It is fun, engaging and I feel more confident participating in class now.
  • I agree with Cat, and this can relate back to the UNCRC since we are allowed to have our rights and freedom to express ourselves and become immersed in the technology world
  • And I like how Leo brings up the UNCRC, VR and AR gives young people the freedom of association, ability to access information from the media and the freedom to leisure, play and culture.
  • Thank you for your points Cat and Leo. That is true, VR and AR learning is a perfect way for students to learn and feel more engaged in the classroom.
  • That was a fun morning! I can't wait for lunch now. I'm starving
  • Me either, we get to meet up with our other friends too now and eat finally
  • Luckily we have VR to make math class more interesting
  • Class was so fun today!We made our drawings come to life
  • I know, I only like math now because of VR
  • Wow, I can see all the math symbols This is so fun!!
  • Today we are learning BEDMAS