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Biology Butterflies
Updated: 4/17/2020
Biology Butterflies
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  • First of allThey can fly! And they're so graceful.
  • Have you ever been jealous of butterflies?
  • What do you have against their systems?
  • For starters: They don't have blood! Well, they do have blood, but they don't have blood vessels!
  • Not really; how would being a butterfly be any better?
  • Yeah but their organ systems are so weird!
  • So?
  • Sooo it's just wrong! Without vessels, it's not really even blood any more its just... Gut Juice!
  • Bu
  • Oh come on, hemolymph is basically blood; it still gets pumped by the heart and transports nutrients.You just don't like it.
  • Besides, they still have vessels, just not as many and they're open-ended and used to transport blood from the heart to the body cavities.
  • Okay I admit: butterflies technically have "blood" and vessels
  • Why now??
  • Cool! So
  • But I still think they're weird!
  • 34.1: Circulatory Systems of Insects
  • Have you seen how they breathe?
  • yes...
  • It's unnatural for us, not for them! For them having holes down their sides is normal.
  • They have holes all over their bodies! It's unnatural.
  • 34.1: Circulatory Systems of Insects
  • Oh come on; yes it's a bit of a weird system, but it works for them! Having air tubes branch throughout their body allows them much more efficient use of oxygen. They couldn't fly with a system like ours!
  • And they're even pretty cool?
  • Alright, alright. I guess since their systems are so important to them, they're not that weird.
  • Transition
  • Dang Right
  • 34.5: Tracheal Systems of Insects
  • eucch..
  • 34.5: Tracheal Systems of Insects
  • I guess they are pretty cool
  • Conclusion
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