Updated: 6/17/2020
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  • I can't sleep or eat with this beast underground.what should I do?
  • get other people to get eaten by it
  • We'll leave under a black sail and if I kill it we will return under a white sail.
  • When the minotaur was underground it was very hungry and angry. It's yells made the palace shake but the minotaur only ate humans. So the king ordered sacrifices to be eaten by the minotaur, 7 boys and 7 girls.
  • Prince Theseus wanted to be the 7th boy to go as he said to his father "I will kill the minotaur.""It's too dangerous!" would be the reply. But eventually he did go.
  • Once they were there Prince Theseus met Princess Ariadne and fell in love with her. She was the kings daughter and said she would help him if he took her away and married her after he killed the minotaur. She gave him a ball of string to help him find his way out of the labyrinth and a sword.
  • Armed with his sword and the ball of string he ventured into the cave to fight the beast. once he was in the minotaur caught his scent and went dead quiet. then it jumped out on him and the fight began. After several scratches and headbutts the minotaurs head came clean off and Theseus made his way out of the cave thanks to the ball of thread.
  • After slaying the minotaur, Theseus his people and Princess Ariadne sailed away back to home. However on their way back they stopped on an island to get fresh water. The island was owned by a God who fell in love with princess Ariadne. The next thing she knew she was on top of mount Olympus marring God Dionysus. Theseus didn't know where she was and had to sail away without her.
  • Theseus was so sad that he forgot to change the sail from black to white. When the boat sailed back to Crete his father saw a black sail and thought his son was dead so he jumped off the cliff and died.So that is the myth of the minotaurs.
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