Portrait of a teacher
Updated: 11/8/2020
Portrait of a teacher

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  • 5a. Join with other school professionals to plan and implement strategies that meet the needs of all learners
  • I wish someone could help me decide if I want to go to college or not.
  • My students seem stressed and nothing has been helping. Let me call some of my colleagues for help.
  • I feel so stressed and I can't focus.
  • I can assist in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally!
  • I provide academic, career, college access and social-emotional expertise to all students through a school counseling program
  • Portrait of a Teacher
  • I was able to provide techniques for managing stress.
  • I feel like I can manage my stress better after being able to talk about what was overwhelming me.
  • I was able to provide several options for after high school.
  • Sometimes students need help and guidance from other staff members other than their teacher. We see here how two students feel confused and stressed. By collaborating with other staff members we can help our students more.
  • Thank you for helping my students and working together with me!
  • Let's create a plan all together in case these students need more guidance!
  • Professionals such as a school psychologist or counselor can help students when they feel stressed or uncertain.
  • Can I go to the guidance office? I have some questions about classes for next year.
  • Of course! I will email those offices now for each of you.
  • Hey class. How are we all feeling today? Do we need help with anything?
  • Sometimes teachers don't have the resources to help their students all on their own, so by allowing students to visit with other school professionals we can help our students more.
  • I feel so much better now knowing all of my options after graduating high school
  • We see here all the school professionals working together to create a plan to help students in the future. We as teachers can't do everything on our own so by working together our students get the help they need and us educators are not as stressed.
  • I would like to strive towards this standard by checking in on my students and contacting other school professionals when I need help meeting the needs of my students. Once I know my students may be facing a certain issue I can then contact the appropriate professionals.
  • I feel good now. I may need to see the school psychologist later for managing anxiety later.
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