Ireland Early 1900s
Updated: 5/15/2020
Ireland Early 1900s
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  • We want Home rule, but we want it peacefully !
  • We don’t get very popular until after 1916
  • We want home rule, and we are happy to fight for it!!
  • If we get home rule, we will lose trade links!
  • Home rule is Rome rule!
  • The parliament act has been passed. You can only delay bills now!
  • In the early 20th century, there were two groups, one of which were the nationalists . The nationalists wanted home rule, and had three party’s;Home Rule Party(John Redmond), the IRB, and Sinn Féin(Arthur Griffith
  • Are you kidding me? We’re not getting Home Rule!
  • Were gonna need a new plan...
  • Unionists were the other group in the early 1920s, and they wanted to keep the union between Ireland and England
  • Is it off?
  • I read it was off...?
  • No, Pearse told me it was still on!
  • The Parliament act was passed in 1911, so the house of lords could only delay bills for two years.In 1912, the Home Rule bill was passed, so it would come into effect in 1914.
  • They’re hero’s!!
  • The leaders of the rebellion were executed
  • Those Poor Men!!
  • However, in 1914, WW1 broke out, so the home rule was put on hold so England could fight the war.The Nationalists got sick of all of this, and so the idea for the 1916 rebellion was born
  • The Rebellion was due to start on Easter Sunday, but when Eoin McNeill found out that the document persuading him to participate was a fake, and the aud carrying the arms was captured, it was put in the newspaper that it was cancelled.
  • Military council decide to go ahead with it, knowing it would be a failure. However,By the end of the week, they were outnumbered, they surrendered. It was a big mistake for the British to execute them though,as they became martyrs, and were admired
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