Ireland Early 1900s #2

Updated: 5/19/2020
Ireland Early 1900s #2

Storyboard Text

  • We cannot cope with their use of Guerrilla tactics therefore, we shall carry out burnings and beatings in retaliation
  • Did you hear about Bloody Sunday? 23 people were killed!
  • I wish they would just make peace already...
  • Lads! DeValera and George called a ceasefire!
  • So you'd be known as the irish free state...
  • Okay...
  • What? No!!
  • But you'd have to pledge alligence to the king
  • The first shots of the war of independence were fired in Soloheadbeg in Donegal,the same day as the first dail sat in 1919. The IRA were behind the ambush, and killed 2 RIC members. The British retailated with the Black and Tans
  • This isn't nearly good enough. We want a republic!
  • If we agree to it now, well get a republic later!
  • During the war, there were many major incidents, mainly Bloody Sunday, on the 21st of November 1920. 11 agents were killed, and 12 people in Croke Park, including Micheal Hogan
  • This hasn't been a good month for the free state
  • Both Collins and Griffith have just died!
  • They started to come up with an anglo-irish treaty, but they both had different aims. Sinn fein wanted a republic, but the brittish wanted to keep ireland in the Empire.
  • I don think DeValeras ideas are working
  • No they arent... Hes just called another ceasefire!
  • The dail started to debate terms for it from December '21 until January '22. Collins and Griffith were pro treaty as it would be a stepping stone, while DeValera and Brugha thought beter terms could be negotiated.
  • These disagreements , along with other reasons, led to a civil war. in August 1922, the two Pro-treaty leaders died. Griffith died from a brain haemorrhage, and collins from being shot in beal na mblath.
  • However, the republican (or anti treaty) approach didnt work for a couple of reasons, including the free state had more support, so DeValera called a Ceasefire. 1500 people were killed, and there was bitterness on both sides.