Veronicas Project

Updated: 5/13/2020
Veronicas Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hey I am so glad to see you son
  • How are you? I have some news for you
  • Im fine tell me what the news is.
  • Sure but you have to explain yourself ion the way so I know what to tell you mother
  • Sooooo I am going to California and was wondering if you can walk with me down to the port
  • Because California got big money money
  • So why did you choose California and why isn't your coming
  • Ben is in the pink and his father Bob is in green. He met up with his dad weekly but this time Ben had news.
  • Bye I hope I don't die and get to bring you some gold
  • I need cash in my pants so bring me a few bars of gold and WORK HARD!
  • Ben was worried how his dad would react about going to California.
  • Ben needed gold which was big money in California so that he can help support his family more.
  • Watch Im gonna bring my family more gold then you can ever get
  • I guess this is where we say our goodbyes and I hope to see you at the mine.
  • They said there goodbyes as Ben sailed to California
  • There then came a thunderstorm that caught a lot of chaos on the boat.
  • Ben had a mini argument with a guy named Steve who was on the same boat as him. The argument was about who will get more gold.