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Romantic and Victorian Era Highlight
Updated: 10/11/2019
Romantic and Victorian Era Highlight
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  • The Romantic Era
  • The romantic era took place between the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century.
  • Romanticism was--in simple terms--driven author's and artist's self expression and emotions.
  • This period was also notable for the industrial revolution. People, especially authors and artists, felt threatened by conformity and disliked the role it had played in the past. Due to this, individualism became a very important aspect of the romantic era and it's culture.
  • Notable authors of the time include Mary Shelly with her work Frankenstein and Victor Hugo with Les Miserables.
  • Romantic authors typically rejected religious beliefs within their texts and turned to naturalism as a way to express ideas that had been previously shown with religion.
  • The Victorian Era
  • The Victorian era, marked by the rule of Queen Victoria, showed rapid change during a short span of time.
  • This diverse era sees many changes and developments from the abolition of slavery in Britain to the Jack the Riper murders.
  • Notable literary happenings include the publishing of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species.
  • Victorian Era writing could be considered to be a fusion of romantic and realist ideas as it took place between the Romantic and Realist eras.
  • Victorian literature tends to show stories where hard work and perseverance pay off. It is also the literature very characteristic of the principal, "art for artist's sake"
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