COVID Nightmare

Updated: 6/15/2020
COVID Nightmare

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  • VO: [CINDY] Last night I had a bad dream.Establishing shot of bedroom. Frantic music. Zoom in on dream bubble. Fade out.
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  • VO: [CINDY] The streets that were once boisterous, were now dead silent.Fade in. Close up of confused face. Cricket sound effect. Zoom out to extreme long shot of empty street. Fade out.
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  • VO: [CINDY] My senior year, my last cheer season, and my graduation were all unaccomplished.Fade in. Montage of long shots showing school activities. Depressing music. Zoom in to medium shot of girl emptying out locker. Fade out.
  • Global State of EMERGENCYCOVID-19 PandemicCanada: 2,792 ConfirmedCasesNEW Social Distancing LawsCORONAVIRUS PreventionSymptoms and TreatmentsTravel & Immigration: Restrictions and Exemptions
  • monday, march 16
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  • VO: [CINDY] All buildings were closed. I could only go to "essential" places with imposed restrictions.Fade in. Montage of long shots showing recreational establishments. Depressing music. Zoom in to full shot of upset girl. Fade out.
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  • VO: [CINDY] I was no longer allowed to leave my house.Fade in. Close up of television screen. Shocking music. Zoom out to long shot of living room. Zoom in to close up of displeased face. Fade out.
  • VO: [CINDY] Suddenly my alarm woke me up from my dream... only to find it as my reality.Fade in. Alarm sound effect. POV angle. Close up of phone screen.