La Project (Part 1)

Updated: 6/15/2020
La Project (Part 1)

Storyboard Text

  • Cassie describes when the Others came. She was in the gym with her friend, Elizabeth. Cassie talks about the three waves before the Others came. The first wave being all the electricity being wiped out, the second wave being a tsunami, and the third being a virus.
  • Cassie describes the last time she sees Sammy. Sammy was going to to a camp to be safe from the Others. Cassie didn't approve of it and wanted Sammy to stay with her, but her father wanted him to. This caused one of the conflicts in the story, as Cassie wants to find Sammy.
  • Cassie meets a wounded solider in a gas station. In this time period, the Others have done so much to the earth that Cassie says she has no trust in anyone. The solider covers his wound, but Cassie doesn't want to take the chance of dying, so she shot him. This is when Cassie decides that she needs to become a killer if she wants to survive.
  • Zombie is sick and he is with Dr. Pam and she puts a scanning ship in Zombie. Zombie than gets flashbacks from his past when he last saw his sister. Dr. Pam tells Zombie that one of every three human survivors are aliens.
  • While Cassie is trying to find somewhere safe to stay, someone named the Silencer comes to kill Cassie. The Silencer shoots Cassie and doesn't finish her because he saw what Cassie did to a previous soldier and didn't want to. The Silencer thought he was human for four years, until he found out he was an alien, is when he started killing humans.
  • Cassie is unconscious and when she wakes up, a character named Evan Walker is standing next to her. Evan took care of Cassie for a week while she was unconscious. Evan tells Cassie that she can't go out for a couple of weeks and she tells Evan that she needs to find her brother. Evan says she can try and help her once she is healed.