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Updated: 1/9/2019
Unknown Story

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  • Expostion
  • Look ya'll, IT'S FATTY BETTY!
  • Just they wait and see, they'll regret bullying me!
  • Rising Action
  • Fatty Betty Silten Rein, Harvard University!
  • Conflict
  • WOOOO! Betty!
  • Thats my Girl!
  • A skinny legend!
  • Betty Silten Rein!
  • remember when you were like fat and musty
  • Betty Silten Rein was a freshman in the year 1999. She weighed 198 pounds and was bullied for most of her life. Countless times she tried to loose weight, but the burgers and fries kept calling her name so she answered. Betty held grudges against those who bullied her, especially towards Suzan Willo Keen, who Betty vowed to kill if she ever saw her after Graduation day.
  • Climax
  • In 2003, Betty's senior year, she graduated as Valedictorian but was still bullied for her weight. As the principal of the school called her name to retrieve her diploma, her peers shouted "Fatty Betty!" making Betty turn red. Looking into the crowd and seeing Suzan, Betty clinched her fist and made killing Suzan on her bucket list.
  • Falling Action
  • Hey Betty, long time no see. Can you happen to give me a job?
  • Ima shoot this snob-rag!
  • By the year 2009, Betty was already walking the stage once again for graduating College. She became extremely popular and lost a whole lotta lbs. She graduated top of her class and had the highest success rate. She was scouted by the highest technology company, Watermelon ZTechnology, getting paid $75.55 an hour, making almost over $150k a year. But as she walked the stage, Betty could only think of the time when last graduation she was bullied.
  • Resloution
  • See you in the next life, Suzan!
  • After many years working for Watermelon ZTech, Ryan Tup and John Tup, brothers and co-founders of Watermelon ZTechnology promoted Betty to CEO.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Betty Rein, CEO of Watermelon ZTechnology!
  • Into the first week of her new big job, Suzan approaches Betty and begs for a job. This was Betty's chance to seize her moment and fulfill the promise she made to herself. 
  • Sure, meet me at pier 16, at 10 p.m, we'll discuss your job application.
  • With the slow arrival of 10, Suzan looks out into the pier into the night. Betty slowly and quietly approaches her and reaches in her Chanel bag and loads the Glock and pulls the trigger before Suzan could see anything else. And as Suzan fell and her lifeless body hit the ocean waves, Betty threw the Glock into the water.