"The sky tree" Comic Panel
Updated: 1/31/2021
"The sky tree" Comic Panel

Storyboard Text

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  • "Without the tree, there can be no life. I must follow it."
  • Earth was covered in water and above was Sky Land. All the people in Sky Land came to the Great Sky Tree in order to eat. 
  • The old chief had told Aataentsic a dream about how the fruit on the very top of the great tree would cure him of the sickness. So she grabbed an ax and went to the great tree.
  • When Aataentsic accidentally cut down the tree, the tree fell through the hole that it had made. She returned to her husband, but she then decided to follow the tree.
  • Turtle saw Aataentsic falling so she took action. She told all the water animals to bring wet soil and put it on the Turtle's back.
  • The water animals kept bringing up the soil until they made a big island. Then Aataentsic settled down gently on the new Earth. The pieces from the great tree also fell and rooted beside her.
  • The moral of this story teaches that people make sacrifices for the ones they love. It also tells how Earth was created by animals.