Updated: 11/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • What is this gold tube that has KB on it?
  • Look at this gold tube I found
  • Let me take it to the warden.
  • Look at this gold tube I found Warde
  • Great find X-ray you get the rest of the day off.
  • When Stanley was digging he found a gold lipstick tube, that had the initials KB on it.
  • DIG FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stanley was about to take it to the warden when X-Ray came up to him and told him to let X-ray do it because he has been there the longest and he has never found anything.
  • EAT FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Then X-ray gets the rest of the day off when Stanley actually found it.
  • Then the warden became impatient and started making them dig faster and longer in the area where Stanley found the gold tube.
  • Then she starts to make everyone eat faster, dig faster, and wake up earlier, and stay out longer for digging.