Rock cycle project- Christopher Butler
Updated: 2/18/2021
Rock cycle project- Christopher Butler

Storyboard Text

  • Rocco formed long ago from molten magma cooling as an igneous rock. Now the tectonic plates he is in are pushing together, creating a mountain.
  • "Hello, I'm Rocco the rock, and I have been stuck underground all my life."
  • *RUMBLE*"Oh no!, the tectonic plates are pushing together!"
  • Rocco was pushed up to the surface of the mountain, where wind weathered the mountain causing him to tumble down the side into the soil where he started eroding and sinking into earth's interior from the pressure.
  • AHHHH!
  • What! I'm back here again!?
  • Rocco was pushed even farther underneath the ground from heat and pressure as sediment, causing sedimentation to occur, and staying there until the tectonic plates started shifting and the volcano he was near erupted.
  • Well at least it is over...*RUMBLING*
  • As the volcano erupted, Rocco was thrown through the air and landed where he was carried away by magma flowing from the volcano
  • Rocco sat in the magma as it carried him away from the volcano and towards the ocean where he sunk to the way bottom.
  • Ouch!, this magma is starting to hurt!
  • It's carrying me to the ocean!
  • Rocco sat on the ocean floor when all of a sudden... It subducted, pushing Rocco down into the earth's interior, then more pressure occurred, adding even more layers on top of Rocco.
  • It's so dark down here