Putting God First in Everything part 2
Updated: 12/25/2020
Putting God First in Everything part 2

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  • All you do is play these past few days. You don't even help me clean the house! Are you even in love with me? Are you even my husband? Because you're acting like a kid!
  • You act like you're the only one getting tired here! I also work! And why are you even questioning my love for you just because of playing a game!
  • I'm tired of arguing. You go on your own!
  • We always argue these days and I don't like it. I miss our happy moments.
  • I'm also sorry for screaming at you honey. I was really sad because I thought we won't be able to attend the Sunday mass tomorrow because we are arguing.
  • I love you too, honey. Now, let's go clean and cook food shall we?
  • I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you honey.
  • No honey I also screamed. I promise I will do my best so this won't happen again. Let's attend the mass tomorrow and pray to the Lord okay? I love you.
  • Let's go!
  • Sunday...
  • 9:55 AM
  • These are ways on how to nourish and sustain the household of God. Don't neglect the Lord for he is the foundation that makes us stronger.
  • Love cements relationships in the household of God. If you show genuine love and no doubts along with the power of prayer, then no one will ever break your heartfelt relationship.
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