Ela Fallen angels
Updated: 11/29/2020
Ela Fallen angels

Storyboard Text

  • Hello Im perry and im 17. Today i am going to fly out to be in the army so i can give more money to my family.
  • Backstory.
  • I only had one pair of clothes growing up. Im going to the army to give my mom and brother kenny money for clothes so kenny doesn't have to go threw what i did .
  • Perry going to Army
  • At this point a finally realized that you can die any sec of the war and i got a little scared
  • At Army
  • They all say you get more money if your sergent so im going to work really hard to get to sergeant
  • Back to my unit
  • I went back to my other unit but we had to send the sergent back home so that is a great thing for me 
  • Im writing a letter to my brother how vietcong died.
  • Writing letter to Kenny
  • The Ending
  • The end Dongan did die in the war and the army squad was placed under the command of one of its own soldiers as a corporal brunner