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Atomic Theory Cartoon
Updated: 9/5/2020
Atomic Theory Cartoon
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  • I am Democritus and I found out that everything in our world is made of tiny particles surrounded by empty space.
  • hi! I am atomos!
  • I am John Dalton and I showed that common substances always broke down into the same elements in the same proportions. I concluded that various compounds were combinations of atoms of different elements, each of a particular size and mass.
  • I'm carbon dioxide and I have a combination of several atoms in me!
  • I am J.J. Thompson and I discovered the electron. I showed atoms as uniformly packed spheres of positive matter filled with negatively charged electrons.
  • wow I have a lot of green positive matter and red negatively charged electrons
  • I am Ernest Rutherford and I did an experiment where I shooted small,positively charged alpha particles at a sheet of gold. I concluded that atoms consisted largely of empty space with just a few electrons,while most of the mass was concentrated in the center,which he called the nucleus.
  • i am the positively charged nucleus
  • i am an electron
  • I am Niels Bohr and I expand on Rutherford's nuclear model. I stipulated that electrons orbit the nucleus at fixed energies and distances., able to jump from one level to another, but not to exist in the space between.
  • I am a Bohr Model.
  • I am Werner Heisenberg and I showed that it was impossible to determine both the exact position and speed of electrons as they moved around the atom.
  • electrons move in different ways around me.
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