Trojan War
Updated: 1/31/2020
Trojan War
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  • Paris takes Helen, and consequently Menalaus calls for war against Troy. This is the begining of the trojan war.
  • The war seems to go nowhere, until the greek Achilles and Agamemnon have a quarrel. This quarrel then gives Troy and advantage, and pushes the war in their favor.
  • Paris and Menelaus face off. They both tight, but eventually Menelaus grabs Paris' helmet, and there is no escape. Until aphrodite swiftly rescues paris, likely due to him giving her the golden apple.
  • Their is a truce between both armies, but later this truce is broken. Hera had told Pandaruce, a trojan, to attack the other side, to keep the war going.
  • Achilles kills Hector. Achilles had seeked out vengeance for his friends' death. He finally gets it when he takes out Hector.
  • Achilles is killed by Paris with Apollos guidance. Achilles' death is an important one, because of how greatly turned the tables to the trojans side.
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