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The incarnation of the red knight.
Updated: 10/1/2020
The incarnation of the red knight.
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  • narrator
  • 500 years ago there lived a man named merlin. He lived in the end of the town at the corner in the what the kids call the haunted house.
  • Oh, whoever is up there, HELP ME HAVE A PURPOSE IN LIFE. I WANT TO LIVE>
  • He felt like his life had no meaning. the king was a horrible man. he did not listen to anybody and only ate and told people what to do. if you go forth towards him and you say something that annoys him, he executes him right away.
  • he was sentenced to death because the king saw him looking.
  • when all was thought lost, she came, the angel of magic. her name was mazakeen
  • i am mazakeen, the angel of magic. i was told from above to grant you the wish that you desire. be wise with it. be wary that what is given can be taken away.
  • the angel gave the most powerful power of all the powers. the power to move thing with your mind.
  • Wha-... What was gods name was that. i saw a lady and boom a bright light blinded me. why do i feel alot better. i feel like i can do anything.
  • NO!!its in the air and its not moving. whats going on. wait a sec. did what the lady give to me was powers! it looks like i can move thing with my mind!
  • he was still in shock by thing he just witnessed. he went to get a drink to cool down and dropped the water because his hands were shaking. with his sharp instincts he activated his powers.
  • i can beat them and take over the kingdom and make everybody happy. i just need everybody to know that theirs someone out there
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