Heroes Journey Project (ELA) part 1
Updated: 11/13/2020
Heroes Journey Project (ELA) part 1

Storyboard Text

  • It was just a normal day at school... Or so I thought
  • Status quo
  • Calling to adventure
  • LET ME GO!
  • Tell me where she is and ill let you go
  • let her go!
  • Calling to adventure
  • Y-you...
  • POOF!
  • I-
  • I knew this was going to happen... ugh come with me no time to explain
  • Assistance
  • Mr. Stevens?
  • what was that?
  • Departure
  • Gargoyles. Listen closely you are in danger as is the world.
  • Take this, it will provide you with the help you need
  • I need you to understand that you are not alone but there is only a certain amount of help I can provide.
  • Approach
  • *sighs* guess we should start going
  • you are on your own now good bye and good luck!