Updated: 3/26/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Going forward Odysseus and his men placed candle wax in their ears , so they could go through safely without the temptation of the sirens.
  • I need to put candle wax on your ears and then you can tie me up so we can go through safely!
  • As soon as they got there two sirens were swimming on their way, so Odysseus and his men prepared for the siren's singing.
  • This way or turn your bows, Achaea's glory, all the world allows, Moor and be merry...
  • The sirens got ready and started to sing for the men in the ship.
  • Sweet coupled airs we sing. No lonely seafarer, holds clear of entering our green mirror.
  • Men, untie me! please I can't resist myself
  • While the sirens were singing Odysseus was having a hard time to the point that he wanted to be untied by his men.
  • Pleased by each purling note like honey twining from her throat, who lies a-pining?
  • I want to hear them, untie me, untie me!
  • But his men didn't listen to him because they were steady to the oars.
  • Sea rovers here take joy voyaging onward, as from our song of Troy Graybeard and rower-boy Goeth more learnèd.
  • Untie me! don't just stand steady to the oars! I want to hear the sirens
  • Odysseus couldn't resist to not hear the sirens because he felt intrigued on how they sound.