SPV 1-6
Updated: 2/23/2021
SPV 1-6

Storyboard Text

  • 1. Extreme Wide Shot
  • 2. Wide shot
  • 3. Close up
  • Establishing shot of a street. (3-4s)SFX: Car passing by
  • 4. Medium close up
  • SCORE: 00
  • Tracking shot of Georges is walking down the street. (4s)
  • 5. POV
  • Cut away to Georges walking past a crunched up water bottle. (2s)
  • 6. Extreme close up
  • Georges pauses because he hears strange music play, and notices a strange number score over his head. (4s)SFX: 8-bit Dramatic Music
  • Georges turns around and sees a health bar over the bottle, which proceeds to attack him. (4-5s)
  • Georges grabs the water bottle and puts it in his pocket. The health bar drains to zero, and his score goes up by one. (3s)